Find Your Blend: Zen Detox

Fighting the two biggest competitions to your body after a long day, stress and sickness, Zen Detox is the perfect elixir to ease your mind.

Our herbal blend of Zen Detox has a base of green tea combined with green rooibos, jasmine teas, fresh lemongrass, and linden. All of the ingredients have amazing benefits of antioxidants and add on different benefits each other their own.

Green Rooibos helps to keep blood pressure down and Jasmine has stress relieving effect, the perfect combination to alleviate stress.

Zen Detox can aid your immune system too! Fresh Lemongrass and Linden are both herbs commonly taken to fight fevers and headaches, the herbs strengthens your immunity. 

Keep this tea by your side to work down stress and keep you going without worrying about the common cold!

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November 17, 2018

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