3 Benefits of Organic Tea

Why Organic?

There are many benefits which come with organic foods and drinks, but here are the 3 that we want you to know about!

1. Taste
No chemicals or synthetic fertilizers are used here, which means nothing extra or toxic to mess up the perfectly tuned tastes and notes of our blends. When drinking organic tea you will be able to actually taste the teas without it being masked by chemicals.
2. Health Benefits
Of course, when hearing 'organic', its almost an automatic reflex to think that its healthy, and its not a lie! Organic teas hold a much higher concentrations of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants because its of how pure it is compared to non-organic teas.
3. For the Environment
Consuming organic not only means better benefits for the human body but for the environment too. In the process of making organic tea, no synthetic fertilizers, which can get into the water supply, are used. 
Of course there are many more benefits to making and consuming organic teas, but these are what we at Akebono keep in mind to make the best tea for you!


October 13, 2018

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